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Volunteering Opportunities:

Keep watching this space for volunteering opportunities.

There should be a space created where one comes and stays in nature, living with basic amenities and merging and becoming one with nature, in the process learning and teaching ways to make this world more organic in different ways and reaping what the ones before them have left, while putting the seeds for their followers to harvest.. let"s make eco-village this place.. Volunteer with us to be the change..... We initiated the creation of eco-village in 2012 and since then we have covered quite a distance though we have lots to cover , and now we are inviting individuals to come and put in ideas to bring about the change we want to see in our world. I am jotting few points and hopefully we can carry on from there... The idea is to make the eco-village self sustainable, and a place where people from different parts of the world can come and feel at home...Have a place for free to stay and work and evolve... To start off we need some skilled and some non skilled volunteers... Skilled VOlunteers... We need to build a windmill or any other power generating apparatus (green) to meet our power needs... We need waste managers, who can come and teach our village folks waste segregation, making compost and minimizing the damage to mother earth, while growing organic food .... We need perma-culture folks, who would come and make the eco-village a haven for trees, birds, animals , micro organisms, people and nature in general, building a symbiosis amongst all... Also invited are the ones who are skilled in anyway which could help our cause… Non skilled volunteers: Those who are non skilled are the most skilled cos they can transform themselves into different avatars, so come and flow like water, learning -teaching, growing-evolving... We offer you stay in the eco-village , or on our boats, or on the hammock terrace , with simple food and different activities like prawn and crab catching, fishing... Everything is on the house...please mail us with your details and we will invite you to our eco-village..!

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Email ID: shawrajesh79@yahoo.co.in
Call Rajesh at +91-9836177140
Only in Emergency, call Mowgli at +91-9874664696

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