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For wildlife lovers-photographers.
For the Tiger eyes.
For the Jungle wanderers.

This Sundarban Purely Wild Trip is the result of the suggestions of many wildlife lovers and naturalists who participated on our existing trips and our own safari experiences in Sundarban and elsewhere, hence this Sundarban trip is dedicated to those wild at heart, wandering, animal-lovers who roam around this world in search of wildlife and the WILD itself.

The Plan and execution

At the outset, let’s try to understand the difference between Sundarban Tiger Reserve and the other Tiger reserves.

Sundarban Tigers mostly see humans as their PREY and the Tigers elsewhere do not hence it marks a big difference between the Jungle Safari of Sundarban and other Tiger reserves. Since you have the liberty of entering the jungles elsewhere in jeeps or elephants, the chances of seeing wildlife is always bigger, Sundarban jungles however are the islands in between the Deltas, so the only way to see wildlife is by boat, and the chances are less, but nature has good balance of everything. Though you do not enter the jungle in Sundarban, but meandering through the narrow channels and creeks lined with the mangrove trees, one gets the feeling of becoming the mangrove itself.

Spotters and Trackers

There are two parts to animal sighting as to my modest understanding, one is TRACKING where the naturalists tracks the animals with droppings, territorial marks and the jungle calls which is possible in most of the Savannah, grassland and open jungles elsewhere, the other is SPOTTING where one is totally dependent on their keen eyesight to see the wildlife and in Sundarban this is the only method which works, and I can vouch that the SUNDARBAN naturalists and guides are the best Spotters around..

Tiger spotting in Sundarbans

Though the chances are slim, one can imagine the thrill of seeing a Beast which sees you as a Prey. Nomads as they are, the Royal Bengal Tigers do not have a particular time of the day that you can spot it. Unlike the Tigers elsewhere, the Sundarban tigers cannot hold their territorial marks for long through scratching of the trees or tiger spray, because of the high and low tide happening every six hours, hence this nomadic behaviour, which also does not keep them confined in a certain area for long, making them elusive .However Sundarban Tiger too mark their territory and in our three days long jungle safaris we will try to find those territories.though We have seen Tigers in the scorching summer afternoon and missed out on it in the best conditions of mild sun in the winters so expect to see the Royal Bengal tiger at any time .


This trip is for people who understands this and do not fuss about not spotting Tigers and other wildlife or spending long hours on boat searching for them...if you are up to it, we are up to taking you in one of the most magnificent jungle that you have been to.

Design of the trip

We will try to maximise our chances of seeing the wildlife; hence we will do 3 jungle safaris in the 3 nights and four days. Though this Sundarban trip is solely designed for wildlife sighting, participants can also go for village walk, country boat ride for Bird watching, night safaris and enjoy the local music as well.

Pick up from Kolkata in the first half of the day and reach Godkhali the last road point, embark on our boat and cruise through the Sundarban Delta with villages on one side and jungle on the other. The next two hours will be taken to reach Eco village, our base camp for the whole trip. Next will be a country boat ride to get up close with the mangrove jungle at Jotirampur bird sanctuary right in front of our Eco village trying to spot birds.This will be till sunset. Back at the camp evening snacks will be accompanied by the next three days’ plan of action

All three days of safari will depend upon the timings of the tide (low tide is best for spotting animals) and it could vary between 6 to 10 hours.

Today we will do the NETIDHOPANI circuit which has limitations of only twelve boat permits(no advance booking) and we will try to be the first to get the permits, nevertheless, since this watchtower has permit limitations we will obviously try to get it on the following days if not on the first day and reverse the circuit accordingly…This watchtower has many narrow channels and creeks and we will explore it for long hours. Return to the Eco village base camp for the night’s stay.

The day-long jungle safari will commence and we will go to the BURIDABRI circuit which also has the border to Bangladesh side of the Sundarbans. Expect a lot of big river cruises, with the village on one side and the jungle on the other side, not to mention the magnificent channels and creeks which form the Sundarbans, back to the Eco village base camp for the night stay.

This day will also be the concluding day of our trip hence we will check out from the Eco village base camp and go for the safari. Today we will do DOBANKI, which will also cover the watch tower of Sudhanyakhali. We will reach back to the last road point of Godkhali and commence our onward journey to Kolkata.

Just to conclude, any Avid wildlife lover would know that the Big Cats always stay In a certain territory of the forest for a few days so even though we have mentioned three different circuits on the three days of jungle safari, we might just go to the area where Tiger spotting is happening at that time.

Facts of the trip

This trip can be availed all around the year, EXCEPT between Dec 20 th to 5 th Jan because Sundarban sees a mad rush of picnickers so this trip will lose its value however you can always avail of our classic trips of Sundarban!

One day tour (minimum 6 people or the cost equivalent)

₹ 3000

One night two days(minimum 5 people or the cost equivalent)

₹ 4200

Two nights three days (minimum 4 people or the cost equivalent)

₹ 5500

Just stay Eco VIllage Organic cottage

On a twin sharing basis which includes one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner along with unlimited bottled water and chai.(2 HEADS)

₹ 3000

Just stay Eco VIllage Premium room

On a twin sharing basis which includes one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner along with unlimited bottled water and chai.(2 HEADS)

₹ 4000

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